PVT R.W. Peete

PVT. R.W. Peete
Nurnberg Post Stockade

U.S 53061646 APO 696 New York, NY

May 1951 - Jan. 1953

I received 45 letters between Apr. 1951 and Apr. 1952 .. at which time we discontinued corresponding..probably because I was dating, seeing other boys...and he had met a young German woman whom, his step-mother reported, he planned to bring back with him. Because of the things his sister told me I assumed all was lost between us. SO...it was with much surprise and joy that when he returned, alone, our feelings toward one another were the same as they had been when he left...or perhaps, even deeper...and we married 3 months later... and remained happily together for the next 58 years.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Letter No. 7

30 June '51
 Sonthefen, Ger.

   'Last night at Sothefen and Hump, Nut and I are enjoying ourselves here at the club.  The U.S. Government really furnishes good entertainment in the way of orchestra's.  We are listening to the German equivalent of the "The Three Sons".  Suppose you know that I wish you were here.
   Although our stay here has been very pleasant I'll be glad to get on the road again.  There's only one place that I would like to stay forever  and that is with you.  The place we are to be stationed is Nurnburg.  You've probably read about the trials that were held there for the Nazi war criminals.  It is supposedly a fairly large, modern city.  Hump and will remain together but
Charlie is going to Munich.  Also we are losing Eddie Green, another Memphis Rebel.  He was at the party out at the Cottage Inn.  I'm really going to miss these guys.
   Received your letter dated the 22nd. and you say that people think you're too young.  That may be true but you'll never convince me 'cause honey, I've held you in my arms and kissed you.  You may be 16 with some fellows but you act older when you're with me.  The term years is only a way of marking time and the heart has no clock to govern it's emotions.  You are as old as you feel.  The authenticity of our love I'll never doubt.
   This combo the The Three Woodpeckers is as good as anything I've heard back in the states.  They are typical Germans too. Tall, blond wavy hair and blue eyes.  They're playing a request of mine now.  Guess what...that's right. Too Young.
  That's about it for tonight kitten, so
     I love you, Bob
 Keep sending letters here until I write you my new address. 

Letter No 5

June 26, 1951
Sonthofen Military Sub-Post

H Pumkin,
   Just read your letter dated the 20th. again and it seems as if we both feel the same way.  Especially about letter writing.  I go nuts every time I get a letter from you, yet I hate to write. The reason, I can never seem to say the things that I would like to.  I'm afraid that if I told you just how in love with you I am that it would sound mushy.  Then again, I think of how I feel when you write that you love me.  Nothing matters with me as long as you do love me.  When I get my discharge from this army, if you will let me, I'll be with you every minute possible.  Actually, I am now, in spirit.  This probably sounds giddy coming from me, but it expresses vaguely just how much I love you.
   You say you aren't having much fun going out with other boys, that you're miserable.  It's selfish and inconsiderate of me, but I'm glad.  You know how the song goes, quote "I'm sorry, but I'm glad you're lonely, cause if you weren't you really wouldn't care."  It expresses what I feel.  Is this being too jealous?  I know that I told you to go with other guys but actually I'd rather you didn't.  Jealous joker, aren't I.  You don't know the half of it darling.
   And those pictures you sent, I'm crazy about the one of you standing by yourself. It's a wonderful picture of you.  Lucky me, to have such a sweet young lady.  Remind me to thank Margaret for introducing us, and how about telling your mother many thanks for letting you go with me.
   I'll never forget the day we met.  When we were introduced you looked at me as if to say, "What it it, or maybe, if I don't feed it it will go away."  I'm surely glad that you didn't refuse me a date.
   And there was the date that I had the bad luck.  First we had a flat, next we went to the movie and it was slightly boring and then it rained on us.  That could have been a very dull evening if you hadn't been so delightful.  I have fun just being near you though.
   I should probably tell you about this country and some of the latest events that have taken place but this letter is devoted entirely to telling you how I feel toward you.
   It's about time for mail call so until I see you again stay as sweet as you are and if I've taken too much for granted or said anything I shouldn't have, disregard same.
                You are the one girl for me.
                    I love you,
P.S. I'm going to slip in on you one of these years.

Letter no. 4

Wed. June 13, 1951
Camp Kilmer, New Jersey

Charlene Dearest,
    This will have to be short, sweet and to the point as we are shipping out tomorow and you can imagine all the excitement that takes place the night before.  We have to pack our duffel bags (the one I wanted to put you in when I left), shine our shoes and also our brass, before noon tomorrow.  For some reason I'm not as excited about this trip as most of the guys, and I think I know the reason for this lack of excitement.
   Hump told me about calling you today.  We were worried as we thought something could have happened to either you or Molly.
   I would like to go on and on  with this letter, telling you how much I care, how I long for the touch of your lips, the excitement that goes  with just being near you, but I could write an epic on this subject.  If this sounds corny forget it, but honestly it expresses my feeling for you.
   Went dancing last night over at the service club but it turned out very dull for me.  The floor was so crowded, the band so loud, I was miserable all the time I was there.  Actually the only thing wrong with the dance was that you weren't there.
   Received a letter from you this afternoon and let me tell you how lucky I consider myself.  If I were twice as wonderful as you say you think I am, I still wouldn't be good enough for you.  To me, you're the best this world has to offer.  Just remember one thing-  If at any time you feel that you care for someone more than me, please tell me so that I won't make a fool of myself telling you how much I love you.
   I would call you tonight but I feel lifeless after I hang up the receiver.  This is really mushy but again I say, it only expresses vaguely my feeling for you.
   I'm wondering if either of us will change much in the next year and a half.  Here's hoping everything turns out okay and I'm going to do everything in my power to make it so.
   Keep on writing to me sweetheart, and send them to the same address as they will follow me where ever I go.
   Let me try one again to tell you of my love. I keep remembering those days and nights we spent together and believe me darling, if I wanted to, I couldn't forget you. Not even for a moment.  Just remember that wherever I may be in body, I'll be at 520 West Liberty, Covington, Tenn. with Miss Charlene Stallings, in spirit
   Good night, pleasant dreams and sleep tight, Kitten.
                                     Much Love

P.S. Don't listen to any wild tales about the affair that Shirley and I had, please.

Letter No. 3

  June 12, 1951

Hi Honey,
 Here are a few of the shots we took that Sunday afternoon on the lake.  I think that as a whole that they're pretty good.
As ever,

Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter No 2

Monday June 11, 1951
Camp Kilmer, N.J.

Hello Darling,

    I have never felt lonelier in all my life as I did after calling you yesterday..   All the things that I had planned to say just didn't emerge from my mouth after hearing your voice.  Unlike most girls you excite me every time I hear or get near you, but enough of this mushy stuff.

    Say, how about sending the negatives of the photo's we took that Sunday.  I'm mailing the snapshots we took with Hump's camera along with this letter. Hope you like them although some are slightly blurred. They will probably get there Thursday or Friday.

    By the way, I wrote Dad to take you and Margaret to luncheon Sat.  He's a little shy about that sort of thing.but here's hoping he will do it for me.  I'm hoping that you will remember me with the same feeling I have when I think of you, and that is constantly.

    These northers, or should I say easterners, do not dance anything like the southern people do.We went to a couple of dances at the service club and before we knew what the score was the girls were teaching us the old fashioned two step.  It isn't nearly as much fun as the free step style of dance, as ou do the same thing over and over, and besides that I can't imagine one counting the steps with you in my arms. It's ridiculous isn't it.

    This camp is named after the poet, Joyce Kilmer, who was killed in the first world war.  Do you know the poem "Trees" that has been put to music?  That is his most famous work.

You should see this camp, Kitten. It's camouflaged from aircraft.  You can't see it from the air.  This is a safety precaution from an air attack as we are only 30 miles fro the ocean and this would be an ideal target.  I'm glad that we are still at peace with Russia, or at least, we are supposed to be.
    I've just heard that we probably won't ship out until Friday. I suppose it's better that way but I wish we were traveling.

    Don't know whether I've told you this or nay, but they give furloughs overseas and if a person has the money he can fly home for a short visit.  It would be wonderful to be with you during the holiday season of Christmas and New Years . I would manage to get you under the mistletoe at least 5 or 6 times.

    Well, I finally found some decent stationery.  sorry I can't improve on my penmanship but it seems as though Dad is the only scribe in the Peete clan.
    Let me apologize again for the telephone call Sunday.  It's just that I wanted to hear your voice again and I was slightly tongue tied after saying hello.  Suppose that's about it for tonight so
  good night and pleasant dreams

P.S.  Be sweet, in other words, just be yourself.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Letter No 1

June 4, 1951
Camp Kilmer, N.J.

Hi Honey,
    Just a note to remind you of my love and how much I miss you.  I could write an epic on my devotion to you but it would be mushy and you probably wouldn't appreciate the sentiment...so I'll just tell you about the trip.

   We arrived in Evansville, Ind. about 3 in the a.m. Thurs. morning.  We had 5 hours to look the town over before the train left for Terra Haute.  We traversed Terra Haute for 2 hours then moved on to Columbus, Ohio.  After we boarded the troop train we didn't get off until we arrived at Kilmer.  In the process of our journey we passed through Kentucky, Indiana, West Va., Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey and then went into New York on pass.  Lets discuss New York City for a moment.  There is a town for discussion!  It has whole heaps of everything a body could want or desire.

    We went to the Paramount Theater on Broadway and saw Ray McKinley, his band and vocalist, Peggy Lee.  She's a dream, especially when she sings something like "I Apologize" or  "Too Young".  I thought of you all the time she performed.  I'm not homesick at all but I wish I were with you.

    There isn't much I can tell you except I love you honey.  That constitutes this letter sweetheart so I'll cease for tonight.

                                   Sweet dreams Sweetheart                     
                                           Bob Peete

P.S. Please pardon the penmanship and stationery, Kitten.
Write as often as you can, sweetheart.

Letter No. 34

October 19, 1951
Nurnberg, Germany

Dearest Charlene,

    Received a most wonderful and welcome letter from you today and while I'm on the subject of the days events let me say it has been a busy oneAside from the administrative  duties of the processing department I've been driving a two and a half ton truck, also a jeep. The stockade is temporarily short of chauffeurs and I happen to be a qualified driver.

    I can't imagine why my letters aren't getting to you. There must be a tie up in the mail system somewhere between Nurnberg, Germany and Covington, Tennessee.  Usually it takes only 4 days or five at the most.  Lately it has been 7 and 8 days in transit.

   Got a problem.  I have a friend name of Roger DiRocco.  He's an Italian from upper New York State and he would like to correspond with some pretty young maid or maiden.  He's quite handsome, dark brown eyes, black wavy hair, good physique.  Question?  Do you have a, or any girl friends that would care to correspond with this soldier?  He, aside from being dashing, good looking, witty and utterly charming, is unusually intelligent.  Aha, I foresee a question.  If he has all these qualities afore mentioned why doesn't he have a girl back home?   Answer..he joined the army at age 15, has been in Germany 4 years.  He speaks 3 languages fluently, German, Italian and English.  If you know of some young lady that would be willing to correspond send me her name and address and he'll write first.  Would you do that for me? huh!

    So you only weight 116 lbs now.  No appetite, caused by excessive smoking.  Remedy, quit smoking.  You can if you so desire and it would make me very happy.  I don't like to think of you ruining your health.  You have such a beautiful complexion and smoking is harmful to ones skin. Don't misinterpret this.  I'm not trying to act holy or righteous. It's because I love you and want you to be well and happy. Will you quit smoking, darling, for your own sake, and for me.

    I'm getting a sample of what its like being separated from the people I love most.  You can quote me as saying "I'm not enjoying my trip to Germany".

    I'm going to close for tonight, more tomorrow.  Good night .
Sweet dreams, sweetheart.

Love, Bob

Hi darling,
    This isn't tomorrow, its the night of the 23rd.  An apology would be in order but I'm sure that you're tired of apologies.  We have been working like mad to prepare for 100 new prisoners and I haven't had any spare time in which I could write. By the end of the week I'll have an office of my own  .  I am now in charge of all confinements.

    Saw a magnificent movie Sunday night.  Jim Thorpe, All American.  Reminded me of my high school days and all the sports I didn't participate in.  It would have been nice if you and I had been in school together.  Childhood sweethearts sounds great doesn't it.

    Hump has accused me of liking this army life but you and I know differently, don't we.

    Kitten,  I'll close again for tonight.  I'll honestly try to write again tomorrow.
                                      You're my everything,
                                                 my all.
                                               Love, Bob


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Letter No. 19

July 27, 1951

Hi there darling,

 This has been the most enjoyable evening of my stay in Germany.  Guess where it was spent. One of our sergeants, Slaughter by name, invited me into his home for dinner. (I'm a country boy from the south so I should say supper.) First let me tell you about the meal; Steak, creamed potatoes, salad, tomatoes, hot biscuits with butter, coffee, cake and ice cream. and prepared with that southern touch.  (They're from Kentucky).  After finishing off the meal we drank coffee and told tall tales for an hour or so.  Then we moved into the living room and talked some more while listening to the radio and radio combination. To top all this off they have two big boxer  pups that lay on the floor and slept. Now all this doesn't sound very exciting, and it wasn't but just being in an American home, eating like a civilized person (incidentally we had table linen and napkins - which the army doesn't furnish in the chow hall) listening to the record player and just taking life easy in general is my idea of a great life.  He's, the serg,, , been in the army 16 years and his wife has been all over the world with him.  You should see their home. It is furnished very thoroughly, free of cost by the U.S. Government, along with 65 dollars a month for rations.  They have a good living provided for them by the government.  I really let my imagination run wild tonight believe me. By the way, their apartment would cost at least $125  a month back home. He draws about $300. a month salary.
   It's getting to be a task to get mail as I have to go back to 7810 ,which is about 6 miles from the stockade I got another letter from you today, (first in 3 days) and it was great.  Kitten, you'll never know how much your letters do for me.  I cant explain the feeling that runs through me while opening your mail.  I don't remember ever being as happy as I have been since meeting and going with you.  Nothing bothers me when I remember that I have the sweetest, prettiest and most loveable girl in the world waiting for me.  It's a great feeling.
   Kitten, that's about it for tonight.  I'll write a long letter this weekend and mail it Monday.  Till then, goodnight and pleasant dreams, liebling.

I love you very much Charlene,

Friday, December 23, 2011

Letter No. 35


Thursday 1 Nov 1951

   And what are you doing this lovely day? I am sitting in my new office with time on my hands and realizing that I've been lax in my letters to you, decided it would be a timely thing to write.
   Our Commanding Officer really bawled me out yesterday.  We call it by a different name in the Army but it isn't fit for a young ladies ears .  The Sgt. in charge of the department I'm connected with reported me for getting a man's given name wrong on a confinement order.  The mistake was definitely mine but he could have approached me and I would have rectified the error without the major's displeasure.  In truth, naught was accomplished, the major was displeased, I was disgusted and the situation still existed.  I  suppose the Sgt made a few pointers with the major but before I left work last night,  the major called me in and  told me not to take what he had said too seriously.  I didn't...I make mistakes, lots of them, that just proves I'm human, but truthfully, I can't concentrate on my work..  Reason, I'm always and forever thinking of you and believe me, darling, I don't intend to forget you.
   This is a little abrupt but that "time on my hands" has terminated.  So until next time be good and have fun.
Love and Kisses Bob

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Letter No.23

Saturday Aug. 5, 1951
Hi Honey,
Bet you're wondering why I've been so lax in writing this week. Believe me,it wasn't because I didn't want to.  Seems as though everything happened to me at once, and all of it exciting. I won't go into the details though. 
   This has been an uneventful  weekend though, in contrast to the week itself.  St least it was uneventful in comparison to most of the ones I've experienced since arriving here.  There are always fights and wild parties on weekends here in the Nurnberg-Firth area.
Most of the fights are attributed to the 16th. infantry boys.  They are out in the field all week and when they're turned loose it looks like a "Tennessee Sat. Night."
   I thought there were a lot of beer halls there in the states but they 'er outnumbered 3 to 1 here in Germany.  Usually there are 4 on every square block and located on the corners.  In Germany they're also known as gasthouses. I suppose it looks silly of me go to them and drink cokes, but all my buddies drink beer and I enjoy sitting around and talking over "things" and "people".
   I'm glad to hear that Louise is back from Texas.  You must have missed her to no extent, almost as must as I miss you but not quite.  All my dreams seem so futile when I think of the time and distance that separates us. But, again, that's life.  Sometimes I think it's all just a plot to keep me from reaching the unattainable, "perfect happiness.".   I realize now that those hours were the happiest of my life
   Here at the stockade a person can see some of the tragedy in life. Most of the guys in the stockade have Frauleins and its pathetic to see them hanging around just to be near their man.  We, a buddy of mine, came in at 3:30 one morning and there was one just outside the stockade.  We asked her what the trouble was and she told us to mind or own business. So we apologized and hastened on our merry way.  Reason for being out so late...pay day.
   Kitten, its about time to hit the sack so goodnight, pleasant dreams and loads of love.

    I love you,

Please excuse the penmanship.  I'm using a quill pen and Army stationery.
Goodnight again.

It's 2:30 am and Molly decides to come in and see what I'm doing

"we should be sleeping"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

letter # 40

Postmarked Dec. 12, 1951

Hi Kitten,
   I just got out of bed after 15 wonderful hours of sleep.  It was the first night in over a month that I've slept more than 6 hours.  Since I've changed positions my working day averages 15 hours.  After bathing, shaving and what have you, that leaves little or no time in which to sleep.  You can see why my letters are so irregular.
   Have you ever seen the opera "The Student Prince"? They are reproducing a radio  version of it now.  In fact, I'm listening to it at present.  The setting is the city of Heidelberg, here in Germany.  Germany is really dense with legend and history.
   With a little imagination one can almost see knights in shining armor and fair young damsels strolling through the narrow streets, arm in arm. I sometimes think my imagination is a little too vivid.
   A friend of mine, my former roommate, has left for the states.  Don't be surprised if you see a handsome young Italian standing on your front porch some morning.  He's another Rudolph Valentino, so beware.   He's also bearing a gift from me to you.  If he doesn't deliver it in person he'll mail it so that it will arrive by Christmas.  I only hope you will accept it, as it's slightly suggestive.  The gift expresses only slightly what I feel toward you.
   So dad is purchasing a Chrysler New Yorker.  Wish you and I could break it in.  When he gets it ask him to take you riding and then tell me how you like it.
   Hump is trying to get some shuteye and when Hump tries to sleep he always succeeds.  I've seen him on gravel roads, snow banks and while pulling guard duty.  He's really some character, one of the best guys I've ever known.
   I think I'll take in a movie tonight.  'Care to come along? 'Might be fun.  After the show we'll go to some secluded cafe here in the walled city and talk over old times. .  It won't be elaborate but I promise it shan't be boring either.  Speaking of bore some evenings, remember the night my tire went flat in front of your house? To top this off it rained all night and  the movie was boring. It could have been very dull if you had not been so generous.  Remember when I kissed you at the "Pit" there in Memphis?  I said, "Charlene you can beat that," and your snappy repartee was, and I quote, "I didn't kiss you Bob, you kissed me."  Then you gave me a few lessons on the how, when, where and why of a kiss.  Twas wonderful.
   I'd like to put in my application for an extended and advanced course to last indefinably under your tutorship.  Do you think that can be arranged?  I'll try to master the fundamentals and technique and become your best pupil.
   I must quit for a few minutes because I definitely must shave before chow.  See you again in a few minutes.

   Hello again.  That few minutes lasted exactly 31 hours, a movie and a trip to the American club.  The picture was nothing short of great.  I'm probably prejudiced though, the leading males name was "Pete".  You've seen the movie, I'm sure.  It was "Force of Arms" starring William Holden and Nancy Olsen.  She's a blond -kinda cute like you. Somehow though she just doesn't come up to par with Miss Stallings
   Speaking of feminine pulchritude, you should see Hump's new girl friend.  A combination Lana Turner and Bettye Grable I mean Bettye James.  She's tall, and unlike most German women, has plenty of money. Not that Hump would allow money to influence him, yuk, yuk.
   It's almost 12, I'd better get to bed if I intend to work tomorrow.  So goodnight darling, sweet dreams and sleep tite.  click - goodnight.

I love you, Charlene

P.S. Believe it or not, I'm going to write more often.  This is the first letter I've written in weeks.
I'd give anything if we could be together this Christmas.

This is the Chrysler New Yorker that his dad bought...we were on our honeymoon here.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letters No. 25 and 26

After reading the two letters posted below I was a bit puzzled by the difference in his tone,  The first one, #25, came across as a bit "chilly"...then 8 days later he wrote #26 ... more like his previous ones...warm, loving and reassuring. "I thought that your feelings for me had changed", he said.   No way my darling!!!. I wish I could remember what was going on then...too long ago.

August 21, 1951

Hi Stranger,
   Long time no see.  Seems a bit strange sitting here writing letters again.  It has been quite a while, you know.
   Tonight I'm being initiated into the mysteries of a C.Q.'s duties here at the stockade.  If it means anything, C.Q, it the abbreviation for "Charge of Quarters".  It's only a practice run tonight but Sat., starting at 12 noon, I'll be on duty 20 hours, until 8 am Sunday morning.  I gets quite lonely about 1 o'clock in the a.m. in a prison compound, believe me. Twenty hours duty without sleep doesn't appeal to me anyway.
   I've received 4 letters from you since Thursday and I'm sorry that I haven't answered them sooner but I've been busy as a one-eyed man in a 3 ring circus for the past 2 weeks.
   So you are no longer a career woman.  It's good that you aren't working but I'm sorry to hear of the circumstances under which you quit.  You'll find that there are people in this world that will be the best of friends when they're with you and will lie about you to your back.  I think you know the person that I'm referring to. 

(I also do not remember  what he is referring to here..???)  back to his letter...

   We had an accident yesterday.  One of the prisoners was killed by a tank retriever.  Now don't ask me what that is because frankly, I don't know.  The man's back was broken and he died almost instantly. Hideous way to die isn't it.  Personally, I'd much prefer to die of old age   It wouldn't break my heart at all if I should live to be a hundred.
   Was I embarrassed after hearing of the mix up in letters between you and Dad.  My face is still a deep scarlet.  I don't care for you reading my letters to him, but the idea of him reading my mail to you really mortifies me.  Not that I care for anyone knowing how I feel toward you, it's just the idea of - well, you know what I mean.
   As a rule I go to school 3 nights a week, have C.Q, once or twice, so you can see how busy I am. You'd think with all the work there is to do there would be a little news. It's obvious by this letter that there is not.
   About those pictures you sent  Thanks a million!They are proff of what I've thought all along.  How can one girl have so much!  I have all your pictures on the wall's of my locker.  My favorite is one of the first you sent.  You're standing with your weight on one leg, your hands are on your hips and your head is tilted  back slightly.  You have on a plaid dress.  This picture really appeals to me.

   Well, Kitten its about time for head count again, so I'll just quit for tonight.
   Good night, pleasant dreams, I hope you sleep well.

As ever,

(as ever ???  as ever!!!! What happened to "I love you deeply, passionately and forever" ???

Aug. 29, 1951

Hi Kitten,
   Just got back from a movie and was it exciting!  It was a western, one of those rip-roaring, wild, woolly and full of fleas type of movies  And you should have seen all the beautiful women all dead and scalped.  I suppose you know by now how well I like that kind of show.
   How are things and people around and about Covington? Got a letter dated the 23rd. and you seem to be enjoying life. I'm truly glad that you are having fun...I only wish that we were enjoying it together.
   My apologies for not writing more often.  The reason I haven't is very simple.  I thought that your feelings for me had changed in the time we've been separated.  Not that I care less for you because I still care for you as much if not more than when I left.
   And as far not wanting your letters, that is absolutely not true.  They mean everything to me. As I've told you before, if no one ever wrote me but you I'd be happy.
   So Dad took you and Molly to dinner Saturday evening.  I'm glad to hear that. I haven't any idea why he thinks I can home for Christmas though.  Furlough time accrues at the rate of 1 1/2 days per month and that would only give me 19 days for traveling and time at home.\
   You know something, Charlene, we need to have a discussion, you and I, about us.

(my heart most likely sank and my body went limp when I read those words...throughout our 57 years of marriage when he wanted to talk about something serious he would say those words, or something similar like...now I don't want to upset you or make things unpleasant, or start an argument but we need to talk about something...for some reason it always un-nerved me to hear him say that)...back to his letter...

   It's hard to discuss anything by correspondence because of the time it takes to receive an answer, but here goes. You know that I'm deeply in love with you and at present there is nothing I can do to prove it but write.  You also know that it will be 18 months, probably, before we see each other again. As you've said before, we each will change in some respects.  Not so much in our physical self but our outlook on life.  In your case you are still in school and there is a chance that you'll meet some young swain with more on the ball than me, and it's possible that you may fall for him...I hope that never happens.  To sum it all up, in short, here it is.  I love you and want you to wait for me, but if you should fall for someone else, be honest with me.  If I should ever care for someone else more than you, believe me when I say, I would tell you.
   As for Spike Jones ruining our song he shouldn't do that to us. It isn't right for him to slaughter such beautiful music..especially "Too Young".
   It's time for lights out so this will have to be it for a while.

Sweet dreams Kitten,
Much love,

PS...I'll write more often, I promise.
PPS...Still love me? Huh???

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Letter No. 45

April 10,1952

Hi Hillbilly,
   Have you thrown your shoes away for the summer yet? I put mine in storage the last day of March but had to unpack them the first day of April because it snowed.
   What do you know, I finagled a three day pass two weeks ago and did I have a great time.  Sgt. Rivera and I traveled to Bremerhaven in his auto...a distance of approximately 70 miles.  We passed through a number of large cities; Frankfort, Kassel, Hanover, Bremen, Bremerhaven and Wurzburg not to mention the smaller ones.  We ran out of gas in the British zone and pulled a midnight requisition on an English Petroleum Detachment.  This was done with the aid of a Canadian officer.  In writing it doesn't sound humorous, but you should have been there.  I've never felt so devilish in my life!  We drove down and rode the trains back.  We must have slept in every railroad station in the American & British Zones of Germany.
   So you like the '52 Ford Victoria. Have you seen the new Buick Special? I haven't but rumors have it that they are beautiful.  To be truthful all the new model autos are out of this world.  I'll probably have to compromise and get a fast horse and buggy.  I'd be perfectly content with walking if you'd walk with me.  How does that old song go? "My old jalopy's a Cadillac when I go riding with you."  Considering all the angles though, I'd better buy an auto, just think of the shoes I'd wear out walking from home to 520 W. Liberty and back.
   I think I'd better alter this letter a bit and get to the point.  Know something, Kitten, I'm in a predicament.  I'm not sure I know exactly how to tell you or even how to begin.  The whole affair started last year in the month of May.  I fell madly in love, no that isn't the way it was, I glided into love with the sweetest person I've ever known  Since then my existence has been rather  bare as I only had the pleasure of being with her for eleven days.  I say "glided into love" because that's exactly how it was;  So smooth, nice and comfortable.  Speaking seriously, Charlene, I get bored with myself because I can't tell you exactly how I feel toward you.  The English language doesn't include a word or words to express my emotions. I could say I love you, you're wonderful, you're beautiful, etc., and then what have I accomplished? Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. The very words I try to use effectively only blight the sincerity of my affections.. I hope you are following me.  To make a long story short, when I say "I love you" you can be sure it goes much deeper than that.
   It's now 2:10 am so I'd better close for now.
   And by the way - no one has written me about you going out and that's not what has prevented me from writing.  I'm neither so egotistical or conceited as to think you are not dating other fellows.  I want you to enjoy yourself...and another thing, I don't have people spy on my girl.  I wouldn't love you if I didn't trust and respect you.

goodnight Kitten,
I love you deeply, passionately and forever.

It's not as long as it has been ...see you in '53 if they don't extend me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Letter #10

July 11, 1951

Howdy Honey,
   Either the mail service is all fouled up or you've quit writing me.  It has been five days since I received a letter from you. Your last letter dated the 28th. stated that you hadn't heard from me since I left Kilmer so apparently it's the mail service.  I wrote you last night but after reading the letter decided it wasn't what I wanted to say at all.
   We went to C & A again today and my status as an MP has been changed. I am now a disciplinary guard.  That is the same as prison guard and I don't believe that I'm the type that could beat another man over the head with a club, just because he doesn't act just right.
  After this week we'll be able to see some of Europe, maybe.  We've been restricted to the post for the past two weeks and we couldn't do much "milling" on the ship, so you can see that most of our time in the army will be spent in camp.  The reason they won't let us go anywhere is that we have to be taught  how to act toward these German people.  Personally, I think it's a lot of bunk, don't you?
   Hump and I will be split up come Friday, but we'll still be here at Nuremberg.  We're going to Paris on our first 3 day pass.  We intend to fly.  Anything special you'd like me to get you for a souvenir, such as a filmy, sheer, black negligee. Huh?
No kidding, Kitten, if you'd like something special let me know  Don't be shy or proud and say you don't want anything or that anything will do.  I'm frank with you and expect you to be the same with me.
  I'll really be ancient when I get back to the states. You'll have to teach me about all the things that are current, such as what's new on the hit parade, the latest small talk, etc.  It will be lots of fun learning, that is, if you'll be my tutor.
   As you can see my writing ability and punctuation hasn't improved since my first letter, but if you'll bear with me, I'll try to get my points over.
   Another thing kitten, when I write and tell you how I love you and want you near, don't think it's only because I'm 5000 miles away from home and lonely...that isn't the case at all.  If I hadn't met you, more than likely I'd be content to remain over here for some length of time.  Eleven days and nights is such a short time for a guy to woo his girl and win her.  Never the less, I'm hoping that you'll still love me when I return...cause just like MacArthur, I Shall Return.
   By the way honey, next time you see my Dad tell him that I said for him to take you to lunch, for me.  Will you?
   It's 9:20 pm here and 3:20 there in Covington.  I wonder what you're doing.  Since I've about run out of things to talk about unless I go into the subject of "Ich Liebe Dich".  I'll close for tonight with a  pleasant goodnight, sweet dreams and remember...I love you.